Thought of the day

Red apples hang like globes of light Against this pale November haze, And now, although the mist is white, In half-an-hour a day of days Will climb into its golden height And Sunday bells will ring its praise.   The sparkling flint, the darkling yew, The red brick, less intensely red Than hawthorn berries bright with dew Or leaves of creeper still unshed, The watery … Continue reading Thought of the day

The Storm – a poem

There is comfort in the storm that hammers at your window. As you lie in bed at night, embracing a warm pillow, It begs to be let in… And you are almost tempted, peering Around your curtain to see the bins overturned and emptied. Orange street lights are glaring into deep puddles as A caught-out-couple shelter, huddled, underneath a shop front. The neighbour’s dog barks … Continue reading The Storm – a poem