Boiling Point – a poem

Boiling Point I invited you in for left-over paella and a coffee. Naturally, inevitably, our lips found one another in the kitchen, Hands moving up shirts, around necks, Fumbling half-heartedly around waist bands. The paella was in the microwave for 4 minutes and we didn’t stop for breath Or at least it seemed that way as steam fogged up the window and trickled Down in … Continue reading Boiling Point – a poem

The Storm – a poem

There is comfort in the storm that hammers at your window. As you lie in bed at night, embracing a warm pillow, It begs to be let in… And you are almost tempted, peering Around your curtain to see the bins overturned and emptied. Orange street lights are glaring into deep puddles as A caught-out-couple shelter, huddled, underneath a shop front. The neighbour’s dog barks … Continue reading The Storm – a poem

The Bookworm Riddle – a translation from Old English

Bookworm – Riddle 47 – from The Exeter Book   A moth ate words. When I heard about this wonder, It seemed to me a curious thing, that the worm gobbled The sayings of some unnamed man, That the thief in the dark stole his glorious speeches, The foundation of their mighty meanings. But – the thieving guest was not one whit the wiser For … Continue reading The Bookworm Riddle – a translation from Old English