It becomes an inevitability after a while –

The art of falling.

Deeper and deeper,

Sinking away from the light.


You begin to anticipate it;

Maybe this way could

Be easier

Than staying afloat?


The ocean floor beckons and you think

How safe it would feel

To lie

Among its shadows,

Let the sand consume you.


All you have to do is close your eyes.

Isn’t it tempting?

To sink and fall because

Swimming drains you,

Snatches all the energies you have.


And maybe you belong there –

Down there with the other creatures

The scientists haven’t

Conjured names for yet.


But just in time, it seems, something

Comes to fetch you.

It might be obscured at first,

Seem to you untrustworthy,

Diving into the water head first,

To pull you back,

To bring you home.


Sometimes it is a person.

Or a dream you had once

Or the stove you left on

Or it could just well be yourself.


And right before you hit the sea bed?

With the intent to hide down there forever?

You make the choice not to.

Hu Jundi’s ‘The Story of a Girl and a Crane’



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