Mid September – a poem

  Outside the car yellow leaves are Falling for the first and millionth time. Lining the gutters, telling the stories Of hand in hand lovers, Of Wellington- clad daughters and mothers. Reminding us, as they do, that life Starts over again in Autumn too, As the debris of the glistening, Glittering seasons passes quietly through, And we learn to let such brief wonders go.   … Continue reading Mid September – a poem

Venice – a poem

Murky water. The water of the grand canal laps and sloshes beneath my dangling feet. Memories. They come in waves like that too, stirred by passing boats which call back to us “don’t forget me yet”. Forgetting. It is easy for some; the people who come to this city know that. So they put padlocks on bridges and carve names into the timber starving men laid long ago. Photographs. Those help … Continue reading Venice – a poem