On the train that hurtles through the night towards home, You are sitting next to a business man. He has a thousand unread emails and faintly, Vaguely, shares your peculiar accent. He checks his watch, sighs, rolls his eyes: five minutes delayed. But you’re distracted even from people-watching, From the Hardy novel you should be reading, As you begin to pass through familiar territory – … Continue reading Home

‘Red Velvet’: A Moving Exploration of Race, Time and Art

This review comes a little late, as I actually saw ‘Red Velvet’ at the Garrick Theatre in London last month. Needless to say, in spite of my disorganisation and forgetfulness, this play has really stayed with me. One can clearly see why it was reinstated for a second run after its debut in 2012. Telling the story of Ira Aldridge (Adrian Lester), the first prominent black … Continue reading ‘Red Velvet’: A Moving Exploration of Race, Time and Art

Thought of the day

A moment on the tube: ‘I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business.’ When I’m in need of inspiration, or motivation, or just that feeling that I’m part of an inherently good human race, I do something that may or may not be construed by many as weird. I listen to speeches. Sometimes they’ll be famous speeches by politicians or activists or … Continue reading Thought of the day