Boiling Point – a poem

Boiling Point I invited you in for left-over paella and a coffee. Naturally, inevitably, our lips found one another in the kitchen, Hands moving up shirts, around necks, Fumbling half-heartedly around waist bands. The paella was in the microwave for 4 minutes and we didn’t stop for breath Or at least it seemed that way as steam fogged up the window and trickled Down in … Continue reading Boiling Point – a poem

Thought of the day

Red apples hang like globes of light Against this pale November haze, And now, although the mist is white, In half-an-hour a day of days Will climb into its golden height And Sunday bells will ring its praise.   The sparkling flint, the darkling yew, The red brick, less intensely red Than hawthorn berries bright with dew Or leaves of creeper still unshed, The watery … Continue reading Thought of the day